About Us

In addition to competing to be a leader in the digital hardware industry, Mr. Hardware Store is your complete guide to lead you to success in all your projects, small or colossal. Our goal is to help you. We are by your side to start your venture.

How did Mr. Hardware Store come about?

This company pays tribute to that person who can build a building with minimal resources and can do incredible things. Mr. Hardware Store is based on the concept of a traditional hardware store but oriented to users' needs in the XXI century. The idea is based on that place of trust. You can get everything to do a project, but with universal access, wherever and whenever; fast, comfortable, reliable, and safe.

Our Story

Mr. Hardware started at the end of the 20th century as a traditional hardware store. The company was in charge of providing supplies for construction, home repairs, repairs, decorations, DIY, and many other manual activities.

However, with the power of technology, the company began a digitization process suited to its customers' needs. Thus was born Mr. Hardware Store, an online shopping platform with a stock based on all those tools and everyday work items.

Why are we here?

The Mr. Hardware Store team loves creating and building! We know that we are not the only ones who have this passion, so we came to offer better services. Our primary motivation is you and your ideas. We know that to build and create, you need different types of tools. That is why we thought about designing a space that accumulates all kinds of instruments, regardless of your work size.

Why choose us?

The primary mission of our company goes beyond supplying your construction needs with hardware items. These are just four reasons why you should work with us:

  1. All of our products are of quality
  2. The purchasing and rating methods are 100% reliable and transparent
  3. In addition to selling, we also offer valuable content through educational blogs on construction topics and day-to-day activities
  4. You can visit our website, read, buy, and rate from the comfort of your home.

Build and Learn with Us!