3 Types diferents of snow shovel for Fast and Easier Snow Removal

3 Types diferents of snow shovel for Fast and Easier Snow Removal

Posted by Mr Hardware store on 28th Nov 2022

Truper Tru-Pro Snow pusher or push shovel 

Snow Pusher Shovel is designed to move snow by pushing it straight ahead. It is easy to use – just push the shovel on the ground. Not designed for lifting and flinging snow, its purpose is to push snow out of the way, which means that there is less strain on your back.

Pusher shovel

Truper Snow Shovel with D-Grip Handle and Blade Reinforced 

Standard snow shovel and Blade Reinforced Featuring a steel handle and a 18-inch poly blade that has a deep bowl to better scoop up snow, these hardy materials will last you for many winters. The length handle also helps with leverage while shoveling and throwing, making it easier on your arms and back. It shovel has a blade design good for lifting and pushing snow. The blade is curved and not large enough to create loads that are too heavy to lift.

Standard Shovel

Truper Professional Ergonomic snow Shovel 

Shovel with ergonomic curved steel handle, helps the person not have to lean as much when picking snow, which reduces the effort when handling heavy snow loads. Push-wise, the ergonomic shovel is on par with other models, but its rounded design channels more snow forward rather than to the sides. In general, it is an excellent choice that will leave the person who uses it very impressed. It has the advantage that older models do not have in that the tilted axle makes lifting heavier snow much easier and also helps when it comes to digging and scraping the surface. Ergonomic snow shovel is an ideal option if you want to ensure your back is subjected to the least amount of strain possible. The S-shaped bend in the shaft will minimise painful bending, so you can keep your back straight, thus reducing stress on the spine.

Ergonomic shovel