3 Types of Hoes for garden and agriculture

3 Types of Hoes for garden and agriculture

Posted by Mr Hardware store on 11th Jul 2022

Hoes are a very versatile hand tool used in agriculture or garden to: 

  • Remove earth 
  • Control weeds around plants 
  • Place soil around the base of the plants.
  • Create narrow grooves
  • Make shallow trenches to sow the seeds
  • Cut weeds and roots. 

It is even used to dig or move the earth to harvest tubers such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and more.

Eye Hoes

This is the first and oldest style of hoes. They are used to chop through sod to make a garden space. They are also used to keep that soil tilled up and loose. 

This tool typically have a heavy blade that chops into the soil at a 45 degree angle. The heavy weight is important because it builds momentum as the tool swings downward,and helps them easily penetrate the soil. 

Although these tasks can now also be done with a plow or rototiller, these tools are still used by those practicing agriculture and gardeners.

Truper 10621 Eye Hoes

Warren Hoes

This hoe is use are to create long straight furrows for seeding, or to loosen and till the soil. The warren hoe is used by pulling or drawing them towards. 

Warren Hoe can be adjust the neck, that is the rod that connects the blade to the handle and it is to allow the user to allow to fine tune the hoe so that the end of the handle is at comfortable level for their height, and at the same time allow that the blade make the proper angle with the soil.

Truper 30002 Warren Hoe

Action Hoes

This type of hoe is the only ones with moving parts. The narrow blade has a pivot that lets it scrape through the soil at a shallow angle as you push and pull the hoe both forward and backward. The shallow angle will cut smaller weeds and uproot the rest. 

It is used for preparing soil or weeding between the rows

Truper 31914 Action Hoe